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I love Tuesday’s.  Especially after a week away.  Monday is always so chaotic, but Tuesday feels like the beginnings of a familiar routine.  I tidied my house, dusted the downstairs, had my tea and toast (with Nutella, OK, I’m an addict…), checked my emails, read my favorite blogs, and then got everything together to finish up my next article for SS&D.  I am writing a series of three articles for Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot, about the three design teams who created ensembles for the Convergence 2008 Tampa Bay last year.  If you are new to the blog, I was part of one of the teams, we were given yarn dyed for the conference in Floridian shades, and we had a year to create an ensemble.  I spent the beginning of this year, recounting my yearlong experience, partnered with Loretta Dian Phipps, a surface designer and felter from Texas, whom I didn’t know, and I published that experience in a CD, PowerPoint or PDF presentation suitable for a guild program (without having to fly me there) which is available on my website.

Anyway, I am also writing a condensed version for Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot, and the first installment, is going to print as I write, due out soon for the Summer 2009 issue.  I just finished up the second installment, on handweaver Nancy Peck and pattern designer Diane Ericson.    The third installment is due in mid-September, which will feature handweaver Irene Munroe and pattern designer Louise Cutting.  It was really great fun for me to explore one of the other teams, and how they approached the collaborative process.

Of course, sitting at my computer all day, I can get into so much trouble.  I am slowly working my way through all the non essential emails cluttering up my box from my week away, and I got another one of those wicked emails that I have to sit on my hands not to click on.  I lost…  This one is from Interweave Press, publishers of Handwoven and a gazillion other magazines and publications, and they were having a “Hurt” book sale.  I am assuming these books have been damaged in some way, but a book is a book.  And a sale is a sale.  Curiousity got to me and $53. later, I have about 8 books coming to me I didn’t have on my shelf.

library1library2library4library3library5This prompted me to start looking at my book shelves, which span a couple of rooms, I have a serious addiction to books, since some of the titles on sale seemed familiar enough I was sure I already had them, but realized that my shelves were in such a disarray, I couldn’t find anything.  I fear I’ve ordered duplicate books.  I’ve done that before.  All this means is I have to start reorganizing my shelves, and finding ways to make more space…  I need all the weaving books in one place, the art books in another, the fashion, spinning, knitting, surface design, lacemaking, and sewing books, all in their own sections.  We are talking major out of control here…

scarvesI did manage to finish one of the four scarves on my 8 shaft 25″ loom.  I had showed the warp layout in the Color Class I gave in Iowa and in Massachusetts.  It felt good to just sit at the loom.  Once my article was put to bed, I packed it up to send out in the morning, and I went in to my husband and I said, “I’m done in the studio.  Lets go out!”  He works down the hall, and blissfully he was at a stopping point as well, and with no kids for the evening, we headed out, caught a movie, dinner, and just enjoyed each other’s company.  A rare treat.  So I went out on a date, with my husband, and for a brief couple of hours, felt like I came out of my rabbit hole and saw a bit of life.  We went to see Hangover, which was hilarious, and poignant.

My friend just bought a Netbook, and I went to visit her last night and play with her new toy.  Wow.  I couldn’t get over the size.  I took my presentations down, and ran through them, they read with no problem, and the keyboard was comfortable, actually it was bettered suited to my hand size.  The Netbook weighs nothing, and we will be ordering one this week, as my regular travel laptop is having issues with the Power Button.  Meaning it won’t turn on.  After struggling with it over the weekend, and getting it to finally power up, I haven’t turned off the computer since, for fear it won’t work for the workshop I’m giving this weekend at the shore.  So, I expect within the next couple of days, I’ll have a new toy, and some more books to play with…

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Syne Mitchell
July 15, 2009 1:34 am

You will LOVE your netbook. They are so light and easy to travel with.

Diane Roeder
July 15, 2009 5:44 am

So glad to hear I’m not the only one with fiber book issues.


July 15, 2009 6:05 am

I too have many books. I’ve found Bento a great tool for cataloging.

Rita Rooney
Rita Rooney
July 15, 2009 10:29 am

Seems like we ll have issues with books. We never have enough. Trying to replace all from before is tough. If you have any doubles, let me know.

Ann Tompkins
Ann Tompkins
July 15, 2009 3:55 pm

I too have a problem knowing what books I have (husband has the same problem). I set up a database on Access. Even though I may not know the exact location of a book I can tell if I have it. One of our problems was that we would purchase the same book twice and sometimes my husband and I would purchase the same books. I have printed out a list of all these books and put it in a small notebook. I have one section that is by or favorite authors and another that includes all books sorted by… Read more »

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