Progress, Finally!

I love my family, obviously, but I also love to be alone.  I  love when everyone goes off to work/school, and I’m left alone to putter around the house in the morning, tidying up, doing the next load of laundry, cleaning some part of the house, and eating alone, reading the morning paper.  I did all that, and then made it into the studio by about 9am, and continued on with the redesign of my website.  I decided to go back to the beginning of the manual, because, though I understood on a surface level, each step I was instructed to do, I didn’t get it on a really deep level, so I could ultimately think for myself.  My website will function very differently from my sister’s, and I’m really happy with what I have so far, but I’m sort of stuck because I can’t figure out how to go to the next step.  So, reading the manual from the beginning has reinforced what I already know, and cemented more of the newer things I didn’t know, and I am plodding along absorbing as much as I can in this new field of study.

headerMeanwhile, here is the logo I came up with over the weekend, I think it is really simple, and colorful and looks great across the top of the website.lining

I love the colors of the blog, and my husband figured out the hexidecimal code to duplicate the colors for my site, so there will be some continuity.  After lunch, I gave my brain a rest, I had worked through about 85 pages of the Dreamweaver manual, and I, are you ready, I actually went back to the Arctic Sky jacket, and finished cutting out the interfacing, the Ultrasuede® binding for the welt pockets and bound buttonholes, and I finished cutting out the lining.

jacketSo now I’m at the fun part.  I’m carefully fusing a weft insertion poly/rayon interfacing onto the back of each piece, and then serging around the edges.  I put in the welt pockets, I’ve never put ones in like this before, great design, they go from edge to edge of the side fronts, so you are actually cutting the side front into two pieces.

I cut the felted band apart, and inserted the natural edge of the felt into the front seam.  I have it pinned, I’m going to look at it for awhile, the black of the collar is just the interfacing, the upper collar will be the regular fabric.  I’ll need to actually sew the shoulders first, otherwise I won’t have enough length of the felt, and I don’t want a lumpy seam across the shoulder.

buttonholesSo this would be a good time to insert the bound buttonholes.  I’ve always wanted to try a corded bound buttonhole, and since the Ultrasuede® is the lighter weight variety, I pushed a crochet hook through each of the tunnels of the buttonhole lips, and pulled a double thickness of Lopi® yarn through each side.

buttonholes2So now I’m ready to stitch the buttonhole lips down, cut the fabric, and turn the lips to the other side.

Stay tuned…