My arm gets twisted a lot…

I admit it. No matter how hard I try, it is hard to say no when people genuinely beg…

I’m not big on holiday gift giving. There isn’t a huge family to buy for, my kids are of the age where they need something specific that only they can pick out, and I write a check. I have two sisters. We decided long ago that gift giving was not necessary. My mom at 90 doesn’t need anything but company. I’m going to Maryland to visit her for a few days in the morning. My daughter will hold down the fort here at home and manage the animals.

A number of years ago I jumped on the handwoven dishtowel bandwagon. I’ll admit that I had never woven a dishtowel prior to that, and it all started when some generous hostess gave me one as a parting gift for teaching at their guild. I put it to use and have never looked back. My drawer is full of handwoven dishtowels, none woven by me, all from guild towel exchanges, my daughter, some purchased because they were really beautiful, etc. But each year I started a tradition that I would weave a run of cotton or cotton and linen dishtowels and give them to friends and family who I thought would love and use them. They also made great wedding and hostess gifts. The list included people who were really important in my life, especially after my husband died. My handyman and his wife. My tech guy and his wife, etc. And when my son moved out last year, his big request was for some handwoven dishtowels. Which I might mention he is afraid to use, they hang proudly from his oven door.

This was a busy fall. I had lots of private students come in, lots of remote teaching, and my life was generally too busy, after a lovely blissful year of quarantining. And more importantly, some of my lovely friends and family were very honest and told me that as much as they loved my dishtowels, they didn’t need anymore. Their drawers were full. And so I hadn’t planned to weave any dishtowels this year.

Word got out that I wasn’t going to have the annual towel and some of my other lovely friends and family threw a fit. I had to laugh. The drama that unfolded that I wouldn’t be giving them one of my prized towels was just too hilarious.

So I was arm twisted about a week and a half ago to see what kind of towel I could throw on the loom, with what I had in the studio, and whip out 8 or 9 towels for those who truly wanted them.

I had a cone of 5/2 and a cone of 6/2 cotton, in natural, that blended well. I wound a 10 yard warp. I looked at structures that would be beautiful in white on white. I found an 8 shaft Bronson Lace placemat from Clotilde Barrett in the Best of Weavers Huck Lace. I adapted it into a towel.

I just finished weaving towel number 7.

I’m enjoying these towels, easy to weave, and hopefully those that arm twisted me into this will enjoy this year’s very limited edition.


I’ve had a number of people write to me about how frustrating it is to know they saw a technique or tip on my YouTube channel, The Weaver Sews, and they can’t remember where it is. And some of these videos (there are 67 now) are a half hour long. That is a lot of screen time, and I get the frustration. The requests have been for some kind of index with time codes. Really. You cannot imagine what a time consuming task that is/will be…

I attempted to begin to update my pattern directions for all 12 of the pattern silhouettes I sell in my eShop. Honestly, I couldn’t remember what I covered in which video to try to link them to my directions. Was the alteration to the Y line covered in Sleeve Alterations part 1 or 2?

So a couple of months ago, I started watching my YouTube videos from the beginning. I found a number of typos in the Closed Captioning, which I immediately corrected. Those are easy edits. Creating an index is an enormous amount of time, watching and rewatching videos, noting time codes and figuring how what someone would look for when looking up a specific topic.

And would they want to look at the topics by video, or a complete listing alphabetically by topic, with the video and time code. The only way I saw this as realistic is to do an Excel spreadsheet. And though I can create a PowerPoint presentation with my eyes closed, and write anything and everything in Word, and I’m a pro at Adobe Photoshop, I’m pretty poor in my Excel skills. So this has been a labor of love. A gift I got arm twisted into…

I’ve indexed about 25% of my videos. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is. So today, I spent the day figuring out ways to actually generate the index. I have a couple of really trusted friends who weighed in and told me honestly how readable it was and how easy it was to navigate. Initially it wasn’t. The jury is still out, but this is as much as my skills allow at this point. And my daughter keeps yelling down the hall, “You owe your free fan base NOTHING!”

So as I hit my 2000 subscriber mark, this is my holiday gift to all of you, an incomplete index, for my YouTube channel, The Weaver Sews. Know I’m still working on it, in the perfect world I’ll update it weekly but don’t hold your breath. I just got in about 50 pounds of yarn from various sources, R&M, Peter Patchis, and Silk City Fibers, and a huge box of new Procion dye colors from Dharma, and a kit of acid dyes from Greener Shades. I bought the kit from the Woolery. There are a couple more Structo looms that have come in in the past couple of months. I have looms calling to me, videos to record, yarn to dye, and ways to be creative. So many ideas…

And so dear readers, I yielded to the pressure, and because I can’t even remember what I recorded and when, and my holiday gift to all of you is this index, a work in progress.

For a PDF of individual videos with their topics and time codes, please click here

For a PDF of topics in my YouTube channel, please click here.

These indexes will live on my website under EXTRAS, right next to the directions for all of my patterns. There is a date on the page with the links to let you know when the index was last updated.

I’ve been blogging now for 13 years. I’m fast approaching 900 posts. It has been my pleasure to have shared my life in such a way and I’m continually grateful for all those who subscribe and follow me regularly. You are and what will keep me going into the next phase of my life, more yarn, more dyes, more looms, more garments, more articles, more to explore.

I love you all! Stay tuned…

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Judith Ruben
Judith Ruben
December 12, 2021 9:20 pm

Thank you! You bring excitement to weaving. You share Your energy with many. Hugs

renee berry
renee berry
December 12, 2021 10:15 pm

Wow. Creating an index is HUGE. Not as conversant in PowerPoint, I am an Excel junkie.

December 13, 2021 12:05 am

I am a new follower, but I really enjoy reading your posts. I am in my 70’s now and have gotten back to my weaving. I appreciate your time and hard work setting up an index for your videos-thank you and Merry Christmas Kathy

juliana bendandi
juliana bendandi
December 13, 2021 1:52 am

Dear Daryl, While I agree with your daughter that you owe us nothing, I am so glad you have been indexing your fabulous content! So many times I’ve thought…huh…D explained this already but where…? Now I know where to begin to look! Your towels look amazing and gosh I wish I belonged to your circle! I am not a weaver (but definitely will be in another life – if I get the chance to live again!) but I found you through Threads and your explanation of how to cut bias strips rocked my world (in a good way) and then… Read more »

Ruth Amieli
Ruth Amieli
December 13, 2021 2:14 am

Thank you so much for all the time and effort! An index is so so helpful! I love your blog and to read from your life and about all your projects. You are such a role model. Needless to say that I wait every week impatiently for the new video and email!
Happy holidays!

Marsha Lodge
Marsha Lodge
December 13, 2021 7:18 am

What a gift! The index, not the towels, although they are lucky people too. Your daughter is right, you don’t owe us, but it is so appreciated. I just wish I found you sooner. Another 70+ fan. When I sew my fabric, I think, ” WWDD”. (What would Daryl do)

Last edited 2 years ago by Marsha Lodge
Ruth Ellen
Ruth Ellen
December 13, 2021 12:23 pm

This is HUGE – Thank You!!! No, you don’t “owe” us. It’s your gift, and it’s very much appreciated as is all you share. You are an inspiration and a guide. The happiest of holidays to you and your family.

Judy Lepthien
Judy Lepthien
December 13, 2021 1:24 pm

Wow. What a time consuming project and a big gift to us all. Thanks.

Meg Wilson
December 13, 2021 11:28 pm

Merry Christmas! I use woven towels all the time: Fred and I love them! I always have two out at a time in the kitchen, so I roll them together and put them in a drawer where I pull from the left and put the washed ones in on the right. I now refuse to give a towel to anyone who won’t USE it. When it wears out, I will weave them a new one! Thanks a million for the index! What an awesome gift! It is essential in today’s information-driven world. Too bad no startup has created an easy… Read more »

December 14, 2021 12:19 pm

Oh Daryl Thank you so much! You are amazing ?

Dayamitra Blenman
Dayamitra Blenman
December 16, 2021 1:38 pm

Hi Daryl. I’ll ditto all the remarks on you owing us nothing and also the gratitude that you are part of my life. I always look forward to each of your videos and latest comments on your blog. I consider you a mentor and source of inspiration, not just with my weaving, but also with sewing. After listening to a podcast and your encouragement to cut up old sheets or towels to teach yourself to sew better I began doing that. It has helped me tremendously in my quest to sew clothes for my husband and myself! I did a… Read more »

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