Shutting down the rumor mill…

Word gets out fast, and it isn’t always accurate.

So first, let me say that I’m not giving up teaching.  I like to teach, I adore my students and I’m looking forward to developing new patterns and new techniques for them.

What I don’t want to do anymore are conferences. And not because I can’t deal with another conference tote bag, I probably have about 100…

Let me explain.

This was the Pearls Before Swine comic in yesterday’s paper when I sat down to have my breakfast yesterday morning.  It really explains where my head is at…

I just returned from the Mid Atlantic Fiber Association Conference in Millersville, PA.  Typically regional conferences are held at college campuses, mostly for cost reasons.  And typically they work well for a venue like this.  The MAFA conference was a large success from what I’ve seen, and the feedback I heard, and the posts on social media I’ve seen.  It came on the heels of Midwest, which was held in Iowa, and ANWG which was held the week before that in Prince George, BC.  There were instructors who taught at all three.  And I understand that NEWS, the regional conference in NE is right around the corner.  I have done all of these conferences, though this year, I only applied and was accepted to teach at MAFA.  Thank God.

As I was sitting in traffic for the long three plus hour drive there, (actually it was short compared to what many of the participants had to endure) I thought hard about what I was feeling and why.  30 years ago this coming December I remember feeling extreme burnout, my attitude about everything was in the toilet, I was cranky and tired and I was also 8 months pregnant.  I struggled to get through my last craft fair.  After an amazing ten year run, in 1989 I had decided I’d had enough, and I stopped applying to craft fairs.  Actually I had made this decision in 1988, but when you book a year or two in advance, once you make the decision not to apply anymore, you have to see through everything you’ve already promised to do.  Because that’s how I work.  I made the commitment and I only ever had to cancel twice in my life, once when I went in to have a mastectomy, and the second time when my husband died.  I’ve taught through the flu, chemo, my husband in intensive care, I’ve taught through a ruptured ovarian cyst, and back pain issues.  I’ve had fevers, I’ve had missing bags and stomach viruses, but the show must go on.  

Guild work, or small venues like Harrisville or Sievers allows more personal attention to the instructor.  I know I sound like a diva, and maybe at this point in my life I’ve earned that right, but I left craft fairs 30 years ago, and though I missed the camaraderie of the other artists, I never once regretted the decision.  My attitude had gotten so bad I no longer wanted to weave.  I don’t want that to happen again, but see the writing on the wall.  I am in demand more than ever, and looking at my in box and all the request for guild venues while I was at the MAFA conference, starting in 2021 just made me scared.

Conferences themselves are hard on the instructors.  Yes, the participants are often dragging looms, and disabled attendees have to navigate buildings that are accessible but often require traveling around campus in very convoluted routes to find ramps and elevators.  There is always a lot of walking, to the dorms, to the dining hall, to the classroom and back.  MAFA was one of the easier conferences to navigate, it wasn’t very hilly.  But walk and haul I did.  I carry a lot of baggage, and it is quite different backing up to a building where you are teaching and having the staff help you unload, when you are the only teacher vs 400 conference participants and 50 – 75 instructors.  Everyone needs help.  The volunteers who help with loading in and loading out are saints.  And of course there is also the vendor hall.  And the installation of exhibits.  Conference coordinators have a reserved place in heaven, it is a thankless job, they are pushed beyond limits and there is always someone who isn’t happy.  I remember attending Convergence Rhode Island a few years ago with my daughter in tow.  I wasn’t teaching.  I drove around the state looking at all the fibery exhibits and got a one day pass to the conference.  It was amazing and non stressful and inspiring but I was so grateful I wasn’t participating.  

All of my teacher friends’ social media sites are lighting up with the news that they have been accepted to teach at the next Convergence in Knoxville.  There are new faces just breaking into the scene, and many seasoned veterans.  I never applied.  I looked at all their enthusiasm and was so pleased for all of them but so grateful I didn’t apply.  I was hugely relieved.

Saturday night, towards the end of the conference, I woke up on my plastic covered dorm mattress and felt that dreaded twinge, my sciatic was acting up again.  I had a restless night and it went downhill from there.  That’s twice in the last month and a half.  It is hard to stand upright and hard to haul stuff.  It is hard to sit in a car for three plus hours home, and hard to sit at the computer answering all the email requests for future work.  And I also came home to more than $500 worth of orders for books and interfacings from my eShop.  So I painfully sat at the computer all day yesterday printing and binding and packing.  Typically my wonderful office assistant would do this, but she closed on her home yesterday and has moved away.  I am alone. And missing her terribly.   But I carried on…

I only have two weeks before the next venue, a five day yardage class at Peters Valley.  I love the Valley and am looking forward to teaching in the new weaving studio, but I need the full two weeks of prep.  Right now I work an hour, rest an hour and work another hour.  The animals never leave my side.

So the bottom line is I’m done with conferences.  I recognize burn out, I’ve been down this road before.  I will really miss sitting on a plastic dorm mattress with my fellow instructors talking about the things that are important to us, plastic water bottles full of wine, just like I really missed getting together with the other exhibiting artists in craft fairs after I stopped.  I have made some life long friends in this business, but my life has changed drastically since my husband’s death three years ago, and I’m now responsible for all of it.  I want to weave and paint and play music and write articles and teach on my terms.

My beloved suitcase didn’t survive the trip, actually it didn’t survive the Boise debacle, which I think I talked about a couple of posts ago, and so, as I was packing to go, I researched replacement suitcases and what I needed just isn’t made anymore. I refuse to use suitcases with spinney wheels.  The best I could do was a 29″ Pullman from REI.  It is narrower than the one it is replacing, but well made and guaranteed.  I’m hoping I can still fit 70 pounds of clothing into it.

I only took one photo while I was on the road.  I took a quick snapshot of the class, there were sixteen of them, and they were all wonderfully incredible and enthusiastic.  The class was called Custom Fit and Fabulous.  They learned how to fit their bodies and particular fit issues, while trying on my loaded suitcase full of samples in all sizes.  They traced patterns until they were cross eyed.  With an aching back, I lectured for a couple hours on Sunday morning and there were really wonderful responses from what they learned.  It is a terrific class for a 2 1/2 day format, typical of a conference.  

On of the conference attendees walked around the studio walk through Saturday night where all the instructors in their classrooms talked about what they were teaching, she got this shot of me selling my little heart out! Thanks Alison!

And I debuted my new silhouette, the swing dress, which is now out in the latest Threads Magazine, I believe issue 204, mine was waiting at the post office when I went in today to get my mail.  I drafted the dress in all sizes, wrote the handout, and crossed my fingers.  Everyone who tried it on seemed to love the fit, minor tweaks for some, but I’m so happy I nailed it.

I know I keep getting letters as to why I don’t offer my patterns for sale.  And I keep trying to explain that it isn’t that simple.  The venue for me to offer digital downloadable patterns doesn’t yet exist for me.  It will take me a couple of years to scan everything, and convert to vector drawings and then convert to a downloadable size PDF.  That is a huge goal, but not possible while I’m on the road all the time.  And I’d love to have a video archive.  I had so much fun shooting videos for Threads Insider last fall, I’d love to have a group of my own, short videos on weaving and sewing techniques for weavers.  But I can’t do that while I’m on the road teaching all the time.

And so, yes, I’ll continue to teach, to go where I’m asked, but no, I’m not doing conferences anymore and yes, I’m in talks with Montana about their short gathering next summer, because it is still easy to twist my arm…  

Stay tuned…

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July 2, 2019 3:49 pm

??Life is too short! Do what you love!

July 2, 2019 5:53 pm

If you need an office assistant, I’m available. Let me know.

July 2, 2019 6:05 pm

“it is still easy to twist my arm… ” Careful! Only places you really, really want to go!

July 2, 2019 7:36 pm

I hope you plan to ‘visit’ Convergence in Knoxville! You and Brianna looked like you were having so much fun in RI!

July 2, 2019 7:59 pm

Do what your heart (and body!) tells you. You are a wonderful teacher and I’m glad to hear you’ll be teaching in other ways! I am still hoping I get a chance to take a class with you at seivers sometime! Enjoy your time at home in that beautiful home.

Nancy Weber
Nancy Weber
July 2, 2019 8:14 pm

Your new swing dress is so totally now! And, it will look great on all bodies! Good going with it. I will head to a bookstore that I know carries Threads and get a copy this week. Your decision to stop doing conferences is good for you and you can do the individual regional guild visits you want to, or not. Stay on track and develop your new teaching venues — digital and online. Hope you can find a new assistant to work with you — it will simplify your life! Hugs to you, Nancy

cynthia Davis
cynthia Davis
July 2, 2019 8:54 pm

I am over the moon! You are the best and the best of you needs tending. Follow your heart and know how proud I am of you.

July 2, 2019 9:31 pm

So glad I have the opportunity to see you when I see you! Glad you get to pick and choose what you will do. And I love the swing dress!

July 2, 2019 9:58 pm

I made the decision to revamp my life, too. Time to step aside and let younger, more energetic, healthier weavers have their chance.

Peggy Bowman
Peggy Bowman
July 3, 2019 5:44 am

Daryl, I’m so thankful you’re listening to your body and mind and re-assessing where to spend your talents and energy. They (and you!) are far too valuable a gift. I’ve no doubt you’ll nurture them in other, less stressful ways, all to your (and our) benefit. I do hope you get relief from back pain, and soon. Hugs and prayers!

Cindy Wilson
Cindy Wilson
July 3, 2019 6:50 am

Good for you. Wise decision, although we at Midwest will miss you quite a bit. Your 5-6 day classes are wonderful and I am delighted you will continue those. Hope your schedule will allow me to take another one of your classes. Also hope your back is better.

Cindy Bills
Cindy Bills
July 3, 2019 7:50 am

Jane Stafford made the decision not to teach all her classes and instead to create the online weaving guild. She’s in year three. You could create an amazing legacy and reach thousands with online classes and available patterns for sale in a guild format. It’s about $90 dollars or so for the year to join. She has loads of people who’ve joined. Lots of work and setup, etc. But then you have the classes forever to be shared! She has a videographer who records her and assistants to sell her yarns and kits. So that would be work to set… Read more »

Jenny Sethman
July 3, 2019 8:23 am

Now I will just have to join a few more guilds to take one of your classes. No problem. 🙂

I love that swing dress!

Yvonne Madsen
Yvonne Madsen
July 3, 2019 10:36 am

I’m so very happy to hear you’ll still be available for guilds. You’ve made a realistic and logical choice, and I wish you the very best! Cheers!

Deborah Bowles
Deborah Bowles
July 3, 2019 10:48 am

I would love to be part of an online group that evolves around weaving and sewing techniques for weavers. I hope that is in your future plans.

Kris Seel
Kris Seel
July 3, 2019 12:46 pm

Arm twisting causes sciatic pain – did you not know this?? ???? You have proven yourself many times over throughout the years, Daryl. Now enjoy what you love.
Thank you for all the classes where I was lucky enough to learn from you. I will always think of you when I see Dior and you taking forbidden pictures. Lol
Get well… stretch and oh yes, drink wine ?

Meg Wilson
July 4, 2019 2:49 pm

Daryl, Too ironic! As I was opening your post to read, I was telling Fred that I was thinking that we should get a house in Knoxville, through HomeAway, and get an Austin contingent to share it. Force down time into our schedules, cut cost dramatically (CW and HGA together!), see some of Knoxville. Just a thought, but a way to make it all a bit different. None of us are getting younger! The aches and pains are real and so draining! So, take care of yourself, enjoy the funny pages everyday (full of great wisdom!), and do what you… Read more »

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