Lost in the Pacific Northwest…

One of the best things about my job, besides the look of delight on a student’s face when they stand in front of a mirror and see what they have made from their own hands, is the ability to travel to the coolest places, and stay with the coolest people.  I flew to Seattle about 10 days ago and as we were approaching Washington State, the pilot told us to open the window shades and look out the left side of the plane, where I was actually sitting.  This is what I saw, Mount Rainier…


I was picked up and driven about two hours north to Algers, near Bellingham, where the Whatcom Weavers Guild meets.  I stayed with someone I’ve stayed with before, I adore her, and finally met her husband, now retired and I felt like I was home with family.  The first night I was there, we went for a long walk around the waterfront, there was a marine life exhibit with live tanks and a wonderful docent who knew a lot and answered all my stupid questions.  There was this cool creature…  an orange sea pen…


And then we went for drinks and listened to a jazz quartet.  So civilized and so wonderful.  

And then the workshop started Monday morning.  I was actually teaching a two in one, a three day jacket class overlapping a five day garment construction intensive.  About half the class have taken workshops with me before.  Many of the three day students opted for vests.  There were two felters in the class.  Good ones.  They had beautiful felted panels to work with.


Whatcom05 Whatcom06Whatcom07Whatcom09 Whatcom10 Whatcom08


We were in the Algers Fire House for five days.  So that meant that we hung with young firefighters, probably the age of most of our children.  Men and Women.  In the beginning I think we were that group of old ladies, but by the end, we were talking and friendly and they were just adorable.  They would cook their lunch in the kitchen just off where we were sewing and at one point, I smelled something burning, something about the impatience of youth that they only cook on high, and I called over and said that my “mom” instincts were showing but I trusted that if a group of firefighters set fire to the kitchen, they’d know what to do.  And maybe they could open the window a bit since all of our eyes were watering.  You have to laugh.


My five day students carried on and Molly made my tunic (a test before she tackles her handwoven fabric)…


Cheryl wove a tencel/cotton fabric and spent at least a couple days matching the pattern, challenging even with the best of weavers, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen a better match job.  Even I couldn’t have done better. She also put in perfect bound buttonholes.  The swing coat will eventually have sleeves.

Whatcom13 Whatcom12

Jody made a jacket with a shawl collar, also of tencel.  She re-engineered the collar for in seam buttonholes.


Anne is working on a Butterick motorcycle jacket from handwoven linen and Cathy made my Daryl Jacket with a shawl collar handwoven from Harrisville Shetland Wool.


Mary Ann (center)is making a swing coat with shawl collar from commercial wool, and Toni (right) made a vest from her handwoven fabric. 


In the end, the Algers fire department pulled out the big rig and we all hopped on for a group shot.  

Whatcom14 Whatcom18

I leave tomorrow for Las Vegas, a two day inkle weaving class.  Off to pack…  

Stay tuned…

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jodi w.
jodi w.
May 18, 2017 10:40 pm

We had such a GREAT TIME! I made new friends, learned techniques. I learned a lot about handling handwoven fabrics, adapting a jacket shell pattern to use as a lining, relaxing and trusting that every problem can be worked around and most importantly…

…Tencel for warp and weft is not the best choice. 25 EPI is too loose a set for 8/2 anything. Weaving is therapy, sewing is joy.

Webs is a dangerous place to shop 🙂 Order should be here next week. The next fabric will be much more fun!

Come back soon!

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