“Techie” is investigating the fatal errors

As a test I built a duplicate blog for Daryl on another server. It doesn’t have the last two blog entries from Daryl, but it does have all the rest. As a test I would like to have the readers of her blog to access and read that duplicate site. As of now I have not seen any errors there, but it is only me accessing and testing the site.

It is located at:

If you could try and access that site a couple of times over the next day or two using either a browser or an RSS feed, I will look at the access logs to see if there are any errors generated. If you want you can enter a comment as well, just trying to exercise the different parts of the wordpress installation to see how it works.

Thanks in advance for your test access.

Kevin “the techie”

ps: if you have subscribed to Daryls Blog you may get an email from that second test site, I apologize in advance and I will turn it off after this test.

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