Taking care of business…

With only a couple of days turn around before I head out again, I am really trying hard to just focus on only the critical stuff.  It is easy to get sidetracked, I’m famous for that, but I have a precious few days to catch up with the truly important things, and the rest will have to wait.

I’m leaving again on Saturday, to drive to Amherst MA for the Felter’s Fling, a conference of felters, and fortunately I’m only teaching the first half of the conference.  Meanwhile, 14  loads of laundry, and $300. worth of groceries, and new brakes on my car, and 5 sets of contracts, one article for the American Sewing Guild chapter newsletter, and airline tickets for yet another teaching venue in the fall, I’ve gotten to the most urgent of things on the top of the pile, and I think I can exhale and go to sleep tonight.

I went to South Carolina last week with my husband, leaving my 19 year old son in charge of the house.  I had a lot of family and friends who were taking bets on the carnage I’d find when I returned home, and I am so thankful that my son, even though he did have a couple parties, which I knew about, and he did have a couple of his friends move in, which I also knew about, left my house picked up and reasonably clean and presentable, though there wasn’t much in the way of food left in the refrigerator or cabinets.  So I’ve restocked the fridge, and wiped out a couple of toilets that were really needing it, and since I’m not planning any house guests this week, that will have to be good enough.  The yard needs some tender loving care, the weeds are messy, and the perennials need trimming, annuals are spindly and dry, but I can’t deal with that now.

I noticed that the widget on the side bar for upcoming events has nothing in it.  I need to refill the widget?  There are a lot of wonderful teaching opportunities coming up, and 2010 is starting to look a little overwhelming, but I just have to focus on the next 24 hours.  I’m trying to hold onto the zen feeling I got while on vacation…  (Isn’t it amazing how quickly that feeling can dissipate?)

I did however, watch the marathon debut of Project Runway season 6 tonight, and the all star two hour lead in, with past Project Runway favorites.  Sorry, I thought Korto’s look was so much more polished, and I would have voted her the winner.  But they didn’t ask me…  And I like the new stable of designers for season 6, they are an interesting bunch, and I’m anxious to read the post show reports from one of my favorite blogs, Tom and Lorenzo, since they always show much better close up photos of the designer’s looks than you can see zipping down the runway.  And I really value their opinions.

Stay tuned…