A More Focused Monday

When I walked into my studio this morning, the looms were clearly more content, no longer naked, except my poor big guy.  So I removed all the piles from the big loom, which started a process, filing the programming information for my guild, which meant making room in a file cabinet for that, and that turned out to entail purging all the old files from all my articles I wrote over 35 issues for Handwoven.  Boy was that a stack of papers.  I still have all the computer files, and I do refer to them from time to time, but the hard copy stuff needed to go.bigguy

So now my loom is just naked, no longer a catch all for what I hadn’t gotten a chance to put away.   And I have a number of little baby looms, a couple Structo’s, and a Penny Loom, they sit on top of the other looms, and my inkle looms haven’t come back yet from California, they sit on top as well.

I spent most of the day processing photos for my sister’s website.  I’m sort of bleary eyed.  I welcomed the break in the afternoon, to run over to the breast center for my annual mammogram.  I know most people dread getting one, but I love the huge relief of hearing those wonderful words, “everything is fine, see you in a year…”  So if you have been putting off getting one….

After dinner I drove to the Westfield Weavers, a guild I’m not actually a member of, it is a bit of a distance away, but I wanted to hear my old college professor Carol Westfall give a lecture on her 2007 trip to Europe to see the Venice Biennial, and the Documenta Kassel in Germany.  The work was politically charged, lots of recycled materials, and I felt like I had just been through a major textile/art exhibit at the MET.  A great evening.  I met Carol in 1974, in my first weaving class in college, (Montclair State University in NJ), we have remained friends ever since.  A great lady, she touches all those she meets in very positive way.

My husband and son finished their first day of skiing in Utah, so far, no broken bones!  They are having a great time, conditions are excellent.