Breeding Creativity

I’ve no one to blame but myself.  And actually I’m wildly jealous.  My daughter, whom I’d like to believe inherited all my creativity, actually soared past my ability to think outside the box a long time ago, somewhere around 3rd grade…

I remember getting detention in an art class in High School.  The teacher made me stay after school and finger paint.  She had given me detention because she thought I was much too tight.  She wanted me to try and free myself and let go.  Well, obviously this isn’t a problem for my daughter.  Many of you have requested a picture of my daughter with her purple hair, dyed for the first day of school.

The first day of school always brings the dreaded books to cover, I remember saving my brown grocery bags, I am a pro at making perfect book covers from brown grocery bags.

Bri_FrontBri_BackNow, that’s as obsolete as a typewriter.  My daughter uses book sox, they are stretchy colorful book protectors that just slip over the book, stretch to any size, and they can be picked up dirt cheap at Staples and wherever school supplies are sold.  So, after bringing home her 56 pounds of text books the first day of school, she rooted through her closet and found a bunch of book socks, covered the books with the best of the lot, and then decided to piece the rest of them together to make a tank top.  I don’t know what possessed her, I’d love to think I would have thought of something like that, and I lived through the 60’s.   So, she hung in my studio last night, and tonight, and traced a tank top she already owned, that fit her well, and then she set about piecing together all the book sox,  serging to connect everything, and then cutting out the pattern.  She serged the tank top together, and here is the final result, and of course, the purple hair!  I adore my daughter.  She certainly marches to her own drummer…

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Katie Lacewell
Katie Lacewell
September 11, 2009 4:46 am

Cute top! What a creative gal! My daughter made a skirt out of old ties when in high school. She designed and I sewed. I’m pretty sure she still has that skirt in her stash somewhere. Those different drummer people are what make the world liveable.


September 11, 2009 9:49 am


September 12, 2009 12:30 pm

VERY cute. I want to hang with your daughter.

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