A Snowy Monday

I’m writing this update, to check that all is working with my laptop, and provided I find an internet connection, I should be able to keep blogging while in California, assuming I eventually get there!

snowymondayBefore I went to bed last night, we got the Honeywell Alert calls that the schools would be closed, which is a good thing, otherwise, we get a call around 5:30am telling us not to get up.  So we all got to sleep in, which is a luxury, and when I did get up, this is the scene that greeted me out the sliders in our bedroom to the upper deck.  As much as a late winter snow is a pain in the butt, it really is beautiful.

It is still snowing, and suppose to continue until dinner time.  I will just go about my business, packing, and at somepoint I have to go into town for some last minute errands, but worst case is I walk.

My husband made waffles this morning, and now I’m off to do another load of laundry, and begin to pack.

A quick note, if you aren’t already a subscriber to Weavezine, Weavecast or Weavegeek, Syne Mitchell’s trio of online weaving mania, she has just launched a new site that will incorporate all of her productions, into one great format, easy to access and stay connected.  And Weavezine, the online weaving magazine will now publish a new article weekly.  Yippee! www.weavezine.com And if you didn’t catch my podcast, I am episode 26 of Weavecast!