I won!

Even though I felt crappy all day, still trying to get over my cold, it was a pretty good day.  I accomplished a lot of catching up, spent a few hours in the morning filling out camp forms.  I will say that is my least favorite job in the whole world, camp medical forms.  Six pages of detailed information on my daughter for summer camp, I feel like I need a medical degree to get them all straight, what goes to the Girl Scout Council, what gets copied and sent to the Physician, what comes back from the Physician and forwarded onto the Girl Scout Council, I have a headache justfrostedfloralsdetaillr thinking about it, oh wait, the headache is from my cold….

I got my dress, Frosted Florals shipped to Kansas City today, for the Surface Design Association Conference Fashion Show later this month, and I filled a book order.  I got to dust my very dirty house, and started the general tidying up, always a task, but I felt some order take shape in my life…

So over morning tea, I checked in with my favorite bloggers, I’ve mentioned Tom and Lorenzo, my all time favorite new-scan963fashion bloggers, followed by Susan Hinckley, who does “Small Works in Wool“, little treasures from recycled wool sweaters.  Her blog is fantastic.  Earlier in the week, she celebrated her 100th blog, and being her birthday month (mine too), she had a give-away, one of her lovely drawings (on the left).  If you wanted to win, you had to leave a comment.  So I did.

This morning, I logged on and found that Susan had posted another blog, so I tuned in…  Well, who would have thunk it, I won!  You have to check out the post to see how much fun it was to wait for the drum roll and have Guy Smiley announce the winner!

So that set the tone for the day, never mind I feel like crap.   I got my tax refund today as well.  Should have bought a lottery ticket while I was at the grocery store, refilling the larder!

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susan m hinckley
May 12, 2009 6:04 pm

Well thanks a lot for the shout out, Daryl! But no thanks for the cold you seem to have sent along with it . . . I hope you’re feeling much better. I’m unfortunately still on the slippery slope down into ickiness. AND IN MAY??!! How rude. Don’t you think?

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