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virginiaMy private student, Virginia, came back today, with all of her yardage perfectly cut, so today was a marathon sewing day.  After the morning PowerPoint tutorial, I put her in front of my Janome 6600, which is way more machine than she is use to using, but she adapted quickly and was just a joy to have in the studio.  She worked very steadily, and very neatly.  I think she was fairly brain dead by 6pm, but she was far enough into the jacket to be able to finish everything else at home.  So here we are, she is missing the left sleeve, and all the handwork, and there are still a lot of tailor’s tacks marking the front, but the fit is beautiful, and she is really happy.  Lots of hugs.

I’ve had other requests for private workshops, especially from out of state weavers.  I’m glad this worked out as well as it did, and I have a better idea of what can be done in a couple days, and how I can price such a workshop.  If anyone is interested in a private workshop, email me and we can talk details.  I can do airport pick-ups, and I have a guest room.

So I am escaping for the weekend, my husband returns from New Hampshire, and will take over the reins.  I’m off to the Jersey shore with my sisters, for a very much needed break.  No computer, no laundry, no kids, just the family I grew up with.  I promise I’ll take pictures!

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