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single_diamond_graphsingle_diamondI teach a class on Inkle weaving, I love Inkle bands, first the loom is very portable, and second, the bands are so great on garments.  I used a complex inkle band with double rows of a 7 thread pick-up in the garment photographed for the blog.  Anyway, I’ll be teaching the class at the Southern California conference in the beginning of March, (see upcoming events on the right) and I’ve had on my to-do list to update the color  Inkle Weaving Monograph I sell to include a page of basic 5 thread pick-up designs for beginners to end the section on Pick-up.  So I photographed a band I’ve birds_eyebirds_eye_graphbeen working on, and created the 5 thread drafts for the designs, which took me most of the morning, updated the presentation, and created a PDF file as an addendum which can be accessed through my website .  So if you bought the monograph and would like the added page, or are just curious, click on PickUp, and you should access the page.

The rest of the day was spent working on the Dreamweaver Manual, I have a design for the website I’m working on, but not exactly sure how to execute it in Dreamweaver which is soooooo much information, which I’m following, but don’t have a clue how to do this yet.  But I’m only on chapter 4.  I’m learning CSS style sheets.  I long for the simplicity of HTML, even though it is very limiting.  I hit the bed exhausted last night, too late to blog, but my head swimming with all the exciting ideas and fun things that await, if only there were another 24 hours in one day…

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