Detour Sunday

What a perfect Sunday.  My daughter and I had some terrific kitchen adventures that went something like this…

It all started with the Sunday morning grocery shopping , and when I asked her to put away all the frozen foods in the freezer, she commented on the abysmal organization in my freezer, and proceeded to take everything out of my freezer and reorganize it.  All the meats are now on one shelf, the frozen veggies are on another…

That led to actually cleaning the bottom of the freezer where crumbs accumulate.  Which led to dumping and scrubbing the inside of the icemaker.  Well while I was at it…

The she hooked up her iPod to a set of speakers and we started cooking.  I was having a couple girlfriends over later on in the afternoon, and I decided to make some sushi rolls for appetizers, and along with it a crab, spinach and sun-dried tomato quiche for dinner.  She in turn decided to make some key lime pie for dessert with the mini graham cracker pie crusts we had in the kitchen.  Which led to 6 extra egg whites since you only use egg yolks for the pie…

Which led to an internet search for what to do with egg whites, which led to a delicious cake recipe which called for cake flour, which I didn’t have.  Bri didn’t know the difference between cake flour and all purpose flour, so another internet search and she found out that if you minused two tablespoons of all purpose flour for each cup and substituted corn starch, you would have something that would work for cake flour, so she dove into that and then another internet search for a frosting with the three remaining egg whites, which called for whipping them up, and then boiling sugar/water into a syrup, which we over cooked not knowing what we were doing, and almost burned the house down.  Another batch, which still wasn’t quite right, but a little food coloring, and it was delicious.

My girlfriends came over, enjoyed sushi, wine, chocolate, quiche, dessert,  some terrific music, we played baroque recorders, sat in front of the fire while the snow gently fell, life doesn’t get any better than this.  It was the perfect Sunday.

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