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There is a difference… (1)

…between tenacity and just plain stubbornness…

OK, I admit.  I’m stubborn.  It is a mission sort of thing with me.  I won’t ever admit defeat.  It has kept me going for 62 years.  I had teachers in art school who hated my work.  It only made me work harder.  That people pleasing thing?  Maybe, but I suspect that it is more of the shear joy I get when I accomplish something I didn’t think I could do.  I love a challenge.  Especially a technical challenge.  I get real kicks from sitting down and doing a series of perfect bound buttonholes.  Really.

Over the years I’d like to think that I’ve softened.  Raising kids, running a household and business, traveling on the road all the time, it sort of makes you pick and choose your battles. But there is a private satisfaction when I figure something out.  Something I can dig my teeth into.

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There are a lot of things that surround me at the moment, that should be bringing me pleasure.  I have been slowly working through my stash of bobbin lace pillows, finishing up old projects so I can move the equipment out and downsize some of my “hobbies”.  I already blogged about the “wedding” hankie that I finished for my daughter’s 25th birthday, started by my late mother in law 25 years ago.  That was last month.  I pulled out the next pillow with a small doily square, of a complex Buck’s Point, that has been on this pillow for years.  I have no idea how long.  I left off in the middle of a corner.  This is not just any old corner.  This corner required the addition of 5 extra pairs that come in and drop off in odd places.  I brought it to bobbin lace class.  The teacher blanched.  The person sitting next to me in lace class looked at my pillow and said, “Wow, I remember that.  I was in that class.  That corner was ridiculous.  I cut it off the pillow and moved on.”

So that kind of statement alone is sort of fightin’ words.  I become so stubborn, I will figure this out and won’t everyone be impressed.  Actually they won’t be because really no one cares whether or not I get through this corner.  I went to four lace classes in the past month, and barely progressed, ripping out more than I put in.  The teacher would sort of avoid me.  I don’t think she was in a mood to spend the hours figuring it out either.  Last night was the last class of the semester.  At one point I looked at the clock.  I looked at the lace.  I looked at everyone else in the room.  And I made a huge decision for me.  Huge.  You can’t know how big this is.  I took the scissors to the pillow and cut off the lace.  Done.  The weight lifted off me was enormous.  I didn’t fail.  I didn’t choose to spend my hours working on something that didn’t bring me joy and only bogged me down.  There is too much cool stuff waiting for me in the studio that actually does bring me joy.  The rest of the students were actually aghast.  The teacher patted me on the back and congratulated me.  

I came home and sat down at a puzzle I’m working on, I’ve had it on the table for a week, got the border done in short order and looked at this 1000 piece puzzle, of my favorite painting, “The Luncheon of the Boating Party” and said, what the hell was I thinking?  This is not fun.  All the pieces are virtually the same muddy shades.  I did for an hour and manage four pieces.  I do not want to be working on this puzzle six months from now.  Life is too short.  I have no doubt I can do it.  But why?  This is a whole new way of looking at life and I’m half scared and half giddy with the fact that I can just say, “cut it off…”  Or in this case, “pack it up”.  

I’m 84% finished a book I’ve been reading for a month now.  I have to honestly say I hate the book.  Someone recommended it, and it has been on the best seller list for a long time.  It was in my queue.  It is called, “The Goldfinch”.  It is about a stolen painting, and it involves drugs, intrigue, shady characters, characters who act badly.  I don’t like the characters, feel nothing for them, think the whole premise is ridiculous, and I am finding it painful to sit down and read.  I am so tempted for the first time in my life to just stop reading this book.  84% from the end.  Because, life is too short.  Two friends who read it felt the same, though they finished it they didn’t find the ending to be satisfying at all. 

The point here is I am weighed down by a lot of nonsense that I chose to do for fun.  It isn’t about prevailing and winning but about joy and being gentle with oneself.  My kitchen towel run for this year’s gifts is off and ready for hemming.  I want to do that.  I want to go visit friends.  I want to get a new warp on my big loom.  I want to weave off the Kathrin Weber workshop warp.  I want to sew some beautiful new things.  I don’t want to work on a lace pattern that only frustrates me.  I don’t want to work on a puzzle that does not bring me joy.  And you know what?  I don’t have to…

Stay tuned… 


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The Outer Banks…

I have a confession to make.   I looked at all these photos, and there are a lot of them and realized two things.  One, that I took none of the photos and that’s why there are so many of them and the venue was documented so well.  And that I think this is becoming my favorite place to teach.  The spacious carpeted classroom with great light.  The bar/restaurant across the hall. Waking up to this every morning with a beach front room.

And the class.  I adored this class.  They all have amazing talent, wonderful fabrics and tried some new and very brave things.  Most of the students were repeaters, and I always love when they embrace the newcomers, it all feels like family.  And amazingly enough, all of the garments were from my patterns.  I’m offering quite a lot of choices now as you’ll see below.

We all worked hard.

Leigh took all the photos and got many of me hard at work helping where needed.  It would appear my favorite place to help was crawling around on the floor.

We took frequent breaks.  The restaurant across the hall would deliver food.  The food was excellent.

Garments began to take shape.

We even got a walk on the beach one morning.  Apparently a number of the students did this regularly, but I only joined in once.

Most of the garments were from Handwoven fabric, many of the warps hand dyed, some from Blazing Shuttles.  Sharon, my lovely wonderful Sharon however, who is the most out of the box thinker I’ve ever worked with, came in with bags of large pillows from Home Goods, because her looms are packed away while they build a new home.  Who thinks, while standing in Home Goods, that throw pillows for the couch would make a great duster?  Sharon spent the first day ripping all the covers off the pillows, taking apart seams, and contemplating how they would go together.  The results were nothing short of incredible.

Margaret was so inspired by Helen’s vest from last year’s class, which she brought back to show us when she came for the inkle class that followed, that she vowed to weave fabric while at John C Campbell this year, to make a similar dramatic walking vest.  She nailed it as well.

And there were the handwoven fabrics with painted warps.  Placement is critical here, and the results are gorgeous.

There were the weavers, who wove gorgeous competent cloth and made equally gorgeous pieces.  

The class final photos were really fun, not everyone could be in each photo, so we took two.  The woman on the left behind me in the beach photo is Linda Ihle, who organized this retreat, she didn’t take the class this year, but checked in daily and made sure everything ran efficiently.  

I am so looking forward to next year’s class.  Dates are set.  October 29th – November 2nd, 2018, in Kill Devil Hills, NC at the Sea Ranch Resort.  If you are interested in joining next year’s class, contact Linda.  LindaIhle(AT)aol(DOT)com.